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Creative Process

Posted by Debbie Seraphina Ho on

Hello, everyone! This is my first blog post and I’ve decided to share my creative process to inspire you.

Drawing has always been my passion and in this modern world visual artists are groomed to digitise their works. Most artists draw directly in software such as Illustrator, Procreate, etc. I still like the traditional pen and paper method of drawing before proceeding to digitise them.

Once I’m done drawing, I would scan a black & white version of it on my phone. Once this scan is transferred to my laptop, I would transform it into a vector using this free software called Inkscape. Vector is great for graphic design work as the resolution won’t be affected if you enlarge it in Photoshop.

A6 greeting card: flowers in a vase monochrome

The possibilities are endless with my vector designs. Currently, I’m focusing on greeting cards and stickers. Quite happy with my steal of a super good deal: $75 for a semi-pro laser jet printer cos my friend was moving offices. Also managed to get replacement printer toners at a quarter of retail prices.

Every artist has their own creative process, so find one that you’re comfortable with. Good luck and feel free to share your process with me! :)