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Honey, I Shrunk The Plastic!

Posted by Debbie Seraphina Ho on

I first discovered the possibilities of shrink plastic on YouTube. Then I saw this activity conducted at an art & craft fair in my neighbourhood. Decided to try it out for myself. I purchased the materials from two separate stores. Daiso sold the plastic sheets (transparent/opaque) and keychain parts. Paper Market sold the heat gun (usually used for embossing purposes during scrapbook-making). You can also use a toaster oven but please don't use the same oven that you toast your food in. Heated plastic will release fumes in the air that you cannot see.

The plastic sheet usually shrinks to a quarter of the original size, so be sure to start off with a big shape. I find it easier to manage circular shapes than angular ones, so I use a cup cover to trace. When creating a hole with a puncher, remember to make it slighter bigger than the usual size if you're looping a ball chain. Before you start the shrinking process, make sure you have a non-stick baking tin and a heavy book. Here's a behind-the-scenes peek into how I start one of my creations.

To purchase a shrink plastic keychain with my doodle designs, click this link now.

Thank you for reading! :)